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New voices have entered the music scene, and this is the case with She Pharaoh. The artist has an irreverent and stripped-down talent that enriches her songs, as you can see from her new single “Pair Us”, released on November 03, 2023. With a sincere and emotional melody, it captivates the listening audience and enchants everyone. It also presents a somewhat thought-provoking lyrics that fills the environment and makes the listener want to hum along with the artist. Available on leading digital music platforms, “Pair Us” is extraordinary and contagious. Meet:

The single “Pair Us” emerges as a cry from the heart, an almost sacred invocation to the purity of feelings. She Pharaoh, with this composition, explores the depths of the human’soul and the spiritual elevations of the’affection. She weaves a melody that wants to be a sound reflection of patience, tolerance and self-giving, pillars of agape love’.

Maybe it's because I'm an old soul boy, but no one nails the spoken word sound or makes the message stick quite as hard as the Afro-American slam homed veterans. So it was with pleasure I stumbled across She Pharaoh recently, who effortlessly fuses some sweeter sung vocals with harder hitting verses rapping about affairs of the (broken) heart and self worth on this sprawling single that you can find in the Slow Soul Playlist.

She Pharaoh´s “Pair Us” is a poetic reflection on the uncertainty of when faced with the sight of a former lover. The continued tip-toeing becomes a symbolic act of self-preservation. Also transmits a determination to hold it together while navigating the complexities of healing and moving forward. Her touching interpretation depicts the internal turmoil and the temptation to act out destructively to the conscious decision to maintain composure

Renowned artist She Pharaoh has once again mesmerized audiences with her latest release, “Pair Us.” Combining elements of neosoul and spoken word, this captivating song takes listeners on a poignant journey of love, grief, and the triumph of overcoming challenges within relationships.

...And in 'Pair Us' I found not only the beauty of music and words, but also the inspiration to plunge into the depths of time, to understand and experience the magic of She Pharaoh.

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